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Python (Monty) Pictures

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Hi, I'm Felix! A kiwi based designer and illustrator with a passion for video games and movies which inspire me to create.
For as long as I can remember, I have always had some form of interest in the world of design. I think it really kicked off when I took Art & Design during my last year of high school. That was when I became familiar with the Adobe suite and discovered a passion for creating. Graphic design, along side film and video games are the most influential beasts in the creative industry for me. I'm attracted to simple compositions, minimalism, striking contrast and monochromatic colours. It's something I have developed an eye for and is something that ends up being my defining style and go-to approach for problem solving. My persistent love for creating pop-culture poster art has helped create an identity for myself and has further expanded my possibilities as a freelance designer. 





Plan9 Entertainment| Herscher
Art book | 192 pages | Hardcover

Plan9 Entertainment
Art book | 128 pages | Hardcover

Printed In Blood
Art book | 400 pages | Hardcover

Plan9 Entertainment | PosterSpy
Art book | 242 pages | Softcover


Bottleneck Gallery
SUPER MARIO SUPER ART SOW | Sep 7 - 15, 2018
Gallery 1988
MAGIC THE GATHERING | Nov 2 - 4,2018
MONTY PYTHON | Feb 2 - 24, 2018
CRAZY 4 CULT 11 | Nov 17 - Dec 2, 2017
BABY DRIVER | Oct 6 - 8, 2017
FOCUS FEATURES | Sep 15 - Oct 5, 2017
BOJACK HORSEMAN | Sep 8 - 30, 2017
30 YEARS LATER | July 21 - Aug 12, 2017
STEPHEN KING | May 5 - 27, 2017
MIKE TYSON’S PUNCHOUT | Mar 17 - Apr 1, 2017
ARCHIE | Feb 4 - Mar 11, 2017
RICK AND MORTY | Jan 13 - 28, 2017
Creature Features
THE THING | Apr 8 - 16, 2017
PARIS GAMES WEEK | Oct 26 - 30, 2018
#PGW2017 |Nov 1 - 5, 2017
PARIS GAMES WEEK | Oct 24 - 31, 2016


Gallery Contributor
I've had the honor to take part in various officially licensed pop-culture art shows from galleries all over the world including Los Angeles, New York, London and Paris.

Book Publications
I've had great opportunities to appear in multiple publications including Posterspy's Alternative Movie Poster Collection and the official art book celebrating John Carpenter's "The Thing".

Featured by PlayStation
I've had the pleasure of being interviewed by the official PlayStation blog about my artwork for their major upcoming release at the time, "The Last Guardian". Shared across all of their social media platforms.

Industry Recognition
I'm fortunate to have been recognised by big names in the games industry. My artwork has been featured by companies such as Rockstar, Bethesda, Ubisoft, EA, Sony, Microsoft, IGN and Kotaku.